Jan. 13, 2014

Editorial – Papal politics
must be battled in order to favour a culture of encounter. Thus in Syria, where daily war sows… for Sciences on the tragic situation in Syria. On the international scene, where concerns abound over… of refugees fleeing from Syria to Lebanon and Jordan, and the progress made on the Iranian nuclear

Jan. 13, 2016

Dramatic conditions of Iraqi and Syrian children
and Syria, which are mostly the work of the so-called Islamic State. British daily newspaper, Daily

May 5, 2016

Kayla Mueller saw "God in the suffering eyes" of others
‎captive in August 2013 in Aleppo, Syria, while leaving a Doctors Without Borders hospital. She… seek you.‎ ‎I want to tell the world about the situation in Syria ... There is no fuel, no electricity… what is happening in Syria, when you go to villages beyond those you are 'allowed' into - you… to bear what you will see in Syria.‎  We know what is happening, but the world is not listening.‎ ‎You

June 8, 2016

Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem sends greetings for Ramadan
of civilizations. Our thoughts are with Syria, a country devastated by many years of conflict, to the Iraqi

Jan. 27, 2014

Culture-Surviving twice
following such fratricidal clashes. Last century Germany was wounded; yesterday it was Sri Lanka and today Syria is being devastated.