July 29, 2016

ASIA/SYRIA - “al-Nusra Front” takes new name. Bishop Audo: a purely tactical move, there is no such thing as 'moderate rebels'
to continue to pursue their own plans for Syria”. Yesterday, Thursday 28 July, Abu Muhammad al

Sept. 24, 2016

ASIA/SYRIA - Children will pray to implore the end of massacres of children
stops in the battered city they live in, and throughout Syria. This is what Archbishop Boutros

Sept. 29, 2016

At the General Audience the Pope appeals to the consciences of those responsible for the bombings in Aleppo - For the loved and tormented nation of Syria
An “appeal to the consciences of those responsible for the bombing” in Syria, “who will have

April 9, 2014

No more war in Syria Pope Francis deeply distressed over the murder of the Dutch Jesuit Fr Frans van der Lugt
, a Dutch Jesuit who was killed in Homs, Syria last Monday. Today the Pope also began a new series… in mutual forgiveness and help. Thank you.AppealLast Monday in Homs, Syria, Rev Fr Frans van der Lugt… one of my Dutch Jesuit confreres was assassinated at the age 75. He arrived in Syria some 5o years… of the many people who are suffering and dying in that tormented country, my beloved Syria, which… in prayer for peace in Syria and the region, and I launch a heartfelt appeal to the Syrian leaders

Sept. 4, 2015

“I have many dreams”
Assad's government and the rebel groups in Syria, more than one million Syrians fled to Lebanon.This… will we return to our country? I don't know. My dream is to be able to stay in Syria with a job