July 6, 2016

Turkey: more arrests connected to Airport bombings
and citizens of other former Soviet states have joined Islamic State, travelling through Turkey to reach Syria.  (Source: Reuters) (from Vatican Radio)

March 23, 2016

ASIA/SYRIA - Syrian Archbishop on the massacres in Brussels: unfortunately, Europe is reaping what has been sown in Syria and Iraq
what European powers have sown in Syria and Iraq in the last few years". This is the bitter

Oct. 19, 2016

Caritas warns of heavy civilian casualties in Mosul conflict
” and of pursuing national interests in Syria and Iraq, rather than considering the interests of the civilian… cited the example of the way the Lebanese civil war ended in 1995 as “an example to follow for Syria… for the people and, especially in Syria, if they decide for the people, that [war] will never end. (from Vatican Radio)

Aug. 8, 2016

At the Angelus the Pope denounces the powerful for their lack of will for peace - The price of the conflict in Syria
of the conflict” in Syria. The Pope chose strong words at the Angelus on Sunday, 7 August, again… victims of war continues to arrive from Syria, from Aleppo in particular”. He thus called

March 21, 2017

Cardinals to take possession of titular sees
, apostolic nuncio in Syria, will take possession of the diaconate of Santa Maria delle Grazie alle