Sept. 28, 2016

At the General Audience the Pope appeals to the consciences of those responsible for the bombings in Aleppo - For the loved and tormented nation of Syria
An “appeal to the consciences of those responsible for the bombing” in Syria, “who will have

Oct. 7, 2016

ASIA/SYRIA - The children of Aleppo call for peace. The Chaldean Bishop: Western information manipulated
, Thursday, October 6, gathered to pray and sing for peace to return in Syria. The gathering was held

Sept. 29, 2016

Pope Francis: address to Cor unum and Mideast aid agencies
, Syria, and other countries in the region affected by the ongoing conflicts in both Syria and Iraq… de Mistura, Special Envoy to Syria of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, whom I thank… of Christ. Seeing the many suffering faces in Syria, in Iraq and in the neighbouring and distant…, what our brothers and sisters in Syria and Iraq want more than anything else today is peace. And so

April 25, 2016

ASIA/SYRIA - A predominantly Christian city bombed by Islamist rebels. Armed truce in Qamishli between the Kurdish militias and pro-Assad army
of conflict between Kurdish militias and the army of Assad in northeastern Syria confirms that behind

May 2, 2016

The Pope renews his appeal to observe the ceasefire in Syria and demands severe penalties for those who abuse minors
of peace and light. "I receive with profound sorrow the dramatic news from Syria regarding the spiral