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WYD: From Singapore with love...

2011-08-19 Vatican Radio

At least 300 young people from Singapore are amongst those gathered in Madrid for World Youth Day celebrations. Benedict Tang arrived in Spain earlier this month, together with a group of twenty others from the Catholic institution Opus Dei which operates a center in Singapore. Tang explains this is his second WYD experience following celebrations in Sydney in 2008. A former pagan and then Protestant, Tang tells Emer McCarthy about his journey to Catholicism and what the vibrant, relatively “new” Church in Asia can teach those seemingly weary of the faith on the Old Continent. For Tang, his trip to Europe is a return to the roots of his new faith, where magnificent, centuries-old churches stand in stark contrast to the modern cement structures he finds lacking in inspiration in his native Singapore. But what they’re wanting in aesthetic beauty, Asia’s young churches well make up for in spiritual depth and richness… Listen to the interview: