​The Pope calls Mexican bishops to face the challenges of migration and drug trafficking - With prophetic courage

2016-02-15 L’Osservatore Romano

“Only a Church able to shelter the faces of men and women who knock on her doors will be able to speak to them of God.... We do not need 'princes', but rather a community of the Lord’s witnesses.” Pope Francis addressed a long and passionate speech to the bishops of Mexico on Saturday morning, 13 February, in the Cathedral of the Assumption in Mexico City. It was an address in which the Pontiff touched on the serious challenges which the country is facing, including migration and crime. Expressing his trust in the ability of the country and of the Church to walk on the path of peace and justice, the Pope said that he “is sure that Mexico and its Church”, he said, “will make it in time to that rendezvous with themselves, with history and with God”. 

The Pope's address to the bishops