The news that changes your life

2013-02-16 L’Osservatore Romano

“It is the faith the must direct the gaze and action of the Christian, because it is a new criterion of the intelligence and action that changes the entire life of man”. With these words, Benedict XVI once again proposed the need for “anauthentic conversion”  in order to live the “radical news of the  Resurrection”. It is a necessity which he has repeated over and over  in these initial days of Lent, also in the witness he gave of Vatican II on Thursday to the priests of Rome. “ It is our task  in this Year of Faith”, he said, among other things, “to work so that the true  council, with its power from the Holy Spirit, maybe be realized  and that the Church may be truly reborn”.

This morning, Friday 15 February, during the audience granted to the Pro Petri Sede Association – one of the last public meetings of his Pontificate – he returned to his focus on what he termed “a living reality”: the faith, that theological virtue “that is necessary to rediscover continually so that it can grow”.  Stressing in particular it's deep, inseparable link with charity. And reaffirming a concept which he has many times expressed: there is no charity without faith, nor faith without charity. Because of the latter, he explained, it cannot be reduced to mere humanism or to a work of human advancement. “Material help, as much as it is necessary”, he reminded them, “is not all of charity, which is participation in the love of Christ received and shared”.