The need to look ahead with courage

2012-01-18 L’Osservatore Romano

“The Pope's Magisterium and his personal, strong testament, important contribution of the Holy See and Italian Episcopal Conference, are propelling and critical elements of fundamental importance which, in the face of the common good, we cannot escape”. It was the President of the Council of Ministers, Mario Monti, who said this, underlining the fundamental contribution of Catholics to Italian social life in an interview with L'Osservatore Romano and Vatican Radio. The entire text of the interview will be published in Italian on the our website and on the Radio's website. Benedicto XVI y Mario Monti durante la audiencia del 14 de eneroThe ethical crisis haunting Europe, even more so than the economic crisis; the gap between citizens and politics; the future of a single currency and of European integration; tax policies introduced to reach a balanced budget; liberalization: these are a few themes touched on by the head of the Italian government, who began by highlighting the most qualifying aspects of the relationship between State and Church in the globalized world. In a reality where the idea of borders is no longer so rigid, “the relation between nations and the Church can be a bridge, an opening which knocks down the walls of national selfishness and cements the sense of belonging which means respect, responsibility and solidarity. It is precisely through the re-evaluation of the Christian roots of Europe that lies the secret to overcoming the serious situation experienced by the continent. “Justice and peace”, Monti affirmed “are the most effective response to crises of meaning, which the economic crisis has latently brought about in the daily life of people. The crisis, to be overcome with all of its serious aspects, therefore demands that we look ahead with courage and hope but also rediscover our roots”. In this moment financial strain focuses on the Euro, which according to the President of the Italian Council, “is an extraordinarily effective means in the lives of people”. But, Monti added that “it is not the aim of community action which is 'the common good'”. The crisis will be overcome by raising the “flag of values” over “monetary interests”. In the interview Monti did not fail to mention his meeting with Benedict XVI on Saturday, 14 January. “The Pope's hands”, he said “are strong hands that hold up the weight of many; they are reassuring hands because they themselves are supported”.