The mule women who die on the threshold of Europe

2017-10-02 L’Osservatore Romano

The enclave of Ceuta is one of the gateways of access to Europe from Africa and huge crowds throng its boundaries daily. One of the results of the pressure of these masses is the silent decimation of the mule women, Moroccan women left on their own (because they are widows, divorced or repudiated), who, on behalf of the smugglers bear enormous loads (everything carried by hand is considered personal luggage and hence is duty free) between Morocco and Spain. We are speaking of a burden of 80 kilos for a remuneration of 5 euros. The women carry this weight under the sun, without water, and are subjected to every kind of abuse, including sexual abuse. Moreover amidst the general indifference, since the beginning of the year some of these women have been crushed by the crowds, killed, maimed, or seriously wounded.