The Church marks World Maritime Day 2012

2012-09-27 Vatican Radio

(Vatican Radio) Raising awareness about “safety at sea:” that’s the theme of World Maritime Day 2012, celebrated on September 27th. Adding poignancy to the events: this year marks the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. It is also the year in which the Italian cruise ship Costa Concordia ran aground off the Italian coast, killing at least thirty people.

The Director of Development of the Apostleship of the Sea Great Britain, John Green, explains that his Catholic ministry is cooperating with the London based International Maritime Organization in events planned around the 27th to promote “good safety and good wellbeing for seafarers today.”

That’s what the Apostleship of the Sea has been doing in countries across the globe since it was instituted by Blessed Pope John Paul II. As Green explains, those working in this Catholic ministry offer support to dockers and crews of merchant vessels at ports, and for offshore gas and oil rigs and other seafarers. “For many,” he says, “it’s difficult to have access to pastoral care, support in their life of faith.”

Green tells Tracey McClure about how Catholic chaplains were on board the Costa Concordia and on the Titanic and recounts their stories of heroism and spiritual support for anguished passengers…

Listen to the interview to learn too, how the Catholic Church in Great Britain plans to mark World Maritime Day on September 27th: