That decisive challenge

2012-09-19 L’Osservatore Romano

In announcing the Year of Faith Benedict XVI urged us to rethink and, especially, to relive our faith in a new way, without taking anything for granted. Faith today should be conceived as a challenge, as something that must awaken us from our indolence and rekindle our attention and alertness. An urgent need is being felt to rediscover faith as that “hidden treasure , that “precious pearl” (cf. Mt 13:44-46), for which it is worth giving everything. Rediscovering faith must be a goal for all of us believers. We Christians are also called to rediscover every day the importance of the gift of faith and its beauty. Many of the baptized, in fact, claim that faith is a heavy burden that stands in the way of enjoying life, or believe that the observance of the Commandments does not permit one to be fully free and happy. Faith is neither an obstacle nor a burden; rather, it is a precious gift that unfolds new and fascinating horizons in our life. We must rediscover faith as a true, deep encounter with God. In the face of this demanding challenge, the Church looks with great hope to the ecclesial movements and the new communities. These groups offer specific itineraries of faith generated by their respective charisms for the very purpose of living the faith in a new way, in the world's new social and cultural settings which surround us. They are itineraries of faith which make it possible to discover day after day the beauty of faith, which enables us to rediscover the “taste for God”.

Stanisław Ryłko