Taize youth meeting in Rome over New Year

2012-12-13 Vatican Radio

(Vatican Radio) Over 30.000 young people from across Europe and beyond will be arriving in Rome at the end of December for an annual pilgrimage organised by the ecumenical prayer community of Taize based in eastern France. This 35th European Tazie meeting will take place from December 28th to January 2nd and will include a prayer vigil with Pope Benedict here in the Vatican on the evening of Saturday 29th. The pilgrimage of trust, as it’s titled, will also feature prayer and worship in many of Rome’s great basilicas, as well as workshops and discussion groups on a wide variety of faith issues.
Among those charged with the daunting logistical task of finding hospitality for the tens of thousands of young pilgrims, is Brother Paolo, originally from Gloucester in the UK and a member of the Taize community for over three decades. He spoke with Vatican Radio’s Philippa Hitchen about the origins and the aims of this European youth encounter...