Sustaining children with prayer

2012-05-30 Vatican Radio

As the VII World gathering of Families gets underway in Milan, Italy we look at one Catholic initiative that’s bound to impact families around the globe.

Thousands of mothers the world over are joining an interdenominational prayer chain called “Mothers’ Prayers.” The movement began in 1995 in Veronica Williams’ living room in Kent, in southeast England when she and another Catholic grandmother decided to meet weekly to pray for their children and their childrens’ children. Soon, dozens of other mothers were knocking on Veronica’s door, asking to join them too.

The movement now counts prayer groups in more than ninety countries.
They’re not just for Catholics – Anglicans, Orthodox and Protestant mothers form part of the groups too – all united in their prayers for the welfare of their children… and world peace.

Tracey McClure sat down with Veronica to ask her more about the movement…
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