Scores killed in Egypt's protests

2013-07-27 Vatican Radio

(Vatican Radio) Dozens of people have been killed and many more injured in Egypt during overnight protests staged by supporters of Egypt’s former president Mohammad Morsi who was ousted earlier this month.
Although there are conflicting reports as to the death toll, a Health Ministry official says at least 65 people were killed.
The former Egyptian president was removed from office July 3 following a wave of protests against his regime.
This latest spate of protests were sparked by the Muslim Brotherhood and their allies who support Morsi.
In an interview with Ann Schneible,Fr. Rafic Greiche, the press office director of the Catholic Church in Egypt, expressed concern for Christians in Egypt at this time.
This protest is dangerous, he said, “because the [Muslim Brotherhood] are always threatening Christians.”
He cited examples of attempts to burn down Churches, graffiti walls, as well as a recent incident of a woman whose Rosary, which hung on the rear-view mirror, was thrown from the car.
“But the price of freedom has to be paid,” he said, adding: “it is a miracle that the Muslim Brotherhood are not in power now.”
Listen to Ann Schneible’s full interview with Fr. Rafic Greiche: