Roberto Benigni: Pope Francis' new book "beautiful"

2016-01-12 Vatican Radio

(Vatican Radio) Italian actor Roberto Benigni said on Tuesday Pope Francis is “so full of mercy, you could sell it by the pound.”

He was speaking during the presentation of Pope Francis’ book length interview with journalist Andrea Tornielli - entitled The Name of God is Mercy – which took place at the Patristic Institute "Augustinianum,” located near the Vatican.

Listen to Charles Collins' report:

Benigni called the book “beautiful” and said it was possible to read portions “in five minutes, while waiting for a late train.”

In an excited and exuberant presentation, he said “you cannot speak in moderation about this Pope.”

“It’s a revolution, and it’s wonderful…I have done everything to see him,” he said.

“The core of the ministry of Pope Francis is just this: Mercy,” Benigni said.

The actor added that mercy is not “a virtue,” and “does not sit still for a second, but reaches out to sinners and the poor.”

He also said the book “raises our hearts without watering down our brains.”

Benigni was joined in the presentation by the Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Pietro Parolin.

The Name of God is Mercy is not an interview which “covers the field on all the burning questions of the world,” Cardinal Parolin said. “Those who are seeking such revelations might perhaps be disappointed.”

The book, instead, explores “the great mystery of the mercy of God.”

(from Vatican Radio)