Praying for victims of mafia violence

2014-03-21 Vatican Radio

(Vatican Radio) A prayer vigil for the victims of mafia violence and for the families of victims is taking place this evening in a Roman parish dedicated to Pope St. Gregory VII. The vigil is taking place ahead of the 19th “Day of Memory and Commitment” in remembrance of the innocent victims of organized crime, sponsored by the “Libera” foundation. Pope Francis himself is meeting the relatives and loved-ones of the roughly 700 victims, whose names are being remembered one-by-one in the evening ceremony. Listen:

The president of “Libera” is don Luigi Ciotti, who told Vatican Radio that the Holy Father did not hesitate to accept his invitation to pray, reflect, remember the victims and comfort their families. “It is,” he said, “a sign of great attention, great sensitivity,” on the part of Pope Francis.

The “Libera” foundation was born in the Spring of 1995, with the purpose of involving civil society in the fight against organized crime and promoting both justice and the rule of law. “Libera” at present represents a co-ordination of over 1500 organizations, including parish and civic groups, schools and grassroots efforts.