Pope to Synod fathers: "New Evangelization" is cooperation with God's saving action

After formally opening the XIII Ordinary Assembly of the Synod of Bishops for the New Evangelization on Sunday with Solemn Mass in St Peter’s Square, Pope Benedict XVI on Monday morning addressed the Assembly’s first session. The Holy Father spoke extemporaneously, offering a meditation on the meaning of the Good News and of our role in proclaiming it. His remarks drew on a broad variety of sources: from Homer, to Roman law and imperial custom, to Sacred Scripture and the Church’s tradition of liturgical prayer. “God is the beginning,” said Pope Benedict, “always – and it is always He and He alone who can make Pentecost [happen], [Only He] can create the Church, [Only He] can show the reality of His being with us.” The Pope went on to explain that the same God who is always the initiator, wants our involvement, as well: He wants to involve our activity in His work of salvation. “Therefore,” said Pope Benedict, “when we do [the work of] the New Evangelization, [this work] is always cooperation with God: it is founded on prayer and on His real presence.”