Pope to missionary congress in Argentina: do not be tempted by comfort

2013-08-19 Vatican Radio

Pope Francis sent a message to the participants of the Fourth National Missionary Congress which commenced on Monday in Catamarca, Argentina.
In his message, Pope Francis extended his “warm greetings and best wishes and blessings” to all those participating in the Congress. He thanked them for their work, their zeal, and he expressed his hope that this Congress would lead to the increase in missionary work. “I encourage you to go out of yourselves and go to the peripheries, both geographical and existential, to proclaim Jesus and make known his message.” The Holy Father continued: “May the Holy Spirit give you strength and make you courageous, without fear and with bravery.” He also asked that they may be free from being tempted by that which is comfortable. "Over the course of these days," he concluded, "I will be closely united with you in prayer and in the Eucharist. I ask that you please pray for me. May Jesus bless you, and may the Blessed Virgin care for you.”