Pope represents experience of the love of God

2012-03-24 Vatican Radio

“For the whole church in Mexico, the presence of the Holy Father represents the feeling and the experience of the love of God and the presence of the Church.”

Bishop Jorge Patron Wong is coadjutor of the Papantla diocese on the Gulf of Mexico. He spoke with Philippa Hitchen about what Pope Benedict’s visit means for the Mexican people.

“For us, there are three main forces in our culture and in our Catholic Faith. First is the love of the Eucharist… Secondly, the love and veneration of the Blessed Virgin Mary, especially the Virgin of Guadalupe. And thirdly, the fidelity and love to the Pope.”

He said the Mexican people see Pope Benedict as the representative of Jesus Christ: “This faith that the pope is the vicar of Christ, and the person of the Holy Vicar of Christ, [represents] the presence of Christ Himself. All the words, all the answers of Pope Benedict will be indeed light of the word of God.”

Bishop Patron Wong said he hopes the Pope will let people know “that the Faith, the Catholic Faith, has been always in the history of Mexico for the good of the people. The Catholic Church, in the difficult moments of the history of the Mexicans has been always light, has been always courage, and a spirit of family, of unity for everyone.”

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