Pope Benedict gives thanks for life of Cardinal Jozef Glemp

2013-01-25 Vatican Radio

(Vatican Radio) Pope Benedict XVI has sent a telegram of condolences to the Archbishop of Warsaw for the loss of Cardinal Jozef Glemp, the former Primate of Poland and Archbishop Emeritus of Gniezno and Warsaw who died Wednesday at the age of 83.

In his telegram to Warsaw Cardinal Kazimierz Nycz, Pope Benedict praised the late Cardinal Glemp’s exemplary mission in the Polish Church during troubled times, citing in particular the motto: caritati in iustitia - for charity in justice.

“This episcopal motto,” wrote the Pope, “accompanied him throughout his life and directed his way of thinking, evaluating, of making choices, making decisions and his line of pastoral action.”

Pope Benedict described Cardinal Glemp as a "just man in the spirit of St. Joseph, his Patron saint.”

“This justice,” the Pope wrote, “full of humble obedience to the will of God, was the basis of his deep love for God and man, which was the light, inspiration and strength behind the difficult work of leading the Church in a period in which significant social and political transformations affected Poland and Europe.”

“The love of God and of the Church and concern for the life and dignity of every man made him an apostle of unity against division, harmony before opposition, of the common construction of a happy future based on past , joyful and painful experiences of the Church and the people,” the Pope added.

“Continuing the work of the Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski, in constant communion and spiritual bond with Pope John Paul II,” the Pope wrote “with great prudence, he resolved many issues and problems in the political, social and religious life of the Poles.”

Pope Benedict observed that in the last stage of his life, Cardinal Glemp was tried by suffering “which he endured with peace of mind.”

On a personal note, Pope Benedict said, “I always appreciated his sincere kindness, simplicity, openness and friendly dedication to the cause of the Church in Poland and the world. So he will remain in my memory and in my prayers. May the Lord welcome him into his glory!”