Pope Francis: Wasted food could feed all of world's hungry

2013-12-20 Vatican Radio

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis sent a message to world’s “cartoneros” and “recicladores” (literally, “cardboard people” and “recyclers”- the poor people who collect and pick through the trash in many cities around the globe).

He filmed the message on December 5, when meeting with leaders of the Argentina-based “Movimiento de Trabajadores Excluidos” (Excluded Workers Movement), and was released earlier this week at the meeting of the “Federación de Cartoneros y Recicladores”.

In his message, the Pope urged the workers to raise awareness of food waste.

"We are living in a throwaway culture, where we easily toss away not only things, but people,” Pope Francis said. He added that the food which is discarded could “feed all the hungry people of the world.”
The full video (in Spanish) is below