Pope Francis meets with Carabinieri serving Vatican area

2016-02-29 Vatican Radio

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis on Monday expressed his appreciation for the members of the company of  “Carabinieri” which serves the Vatican area of Rome.

The Carabinieri are the military police of Italy, and serve both the military and civilian populations. It is one of the two main national police forces of the nation, the other being the “Polizia di Stato.”

Pope Francis thanked them for their “effective cooperation” with the competent bodies of the Holy See to ensure the “smooth progress” of the Holy Year, and noted their patience and professionalism in dealing with pilgrims and tourists, many of whom are elderly.

“The Holy Year of Mercy opens before all of us the possibility to be renewed, starting from an interior purification, which is reflected in the way we comport ourselves and carry out our daily duties,” Pope Francis said.

“This spiritual dimension of the Jubilee pushes each of us to ask ourselves about our genuine commitment in responding to the demand of being faithful to the Gospel, to which the Lord calls us according to our state in life,” he continued.

He reminded them, as they carry out their work, to use the teachings of Jesus as their guide, and to remember “every person is loved by God, is His creation and deserves acceptance and respect.”

(from Vatican Radio)