Pope Francis: Jesus has a promise and a mission for every Christian.

2013-09-05 Vatican Radio

(Vatican Radio) At his morning mass on Thursday, Pope Francis reflected on the different ways in which Christ reveals himself in the life of a Christian, offering support and giving each one a mission.

Listen to the report by Susy Hodges:

Speaking at his morning mass in the Santa Marta residence in the Vatican, Pope Francis spoke of how when Jesus comes into our lives, he always gives “a promise, a promise that gives comfort, a request for generosity and a mission to be carried out.” He said the gospel account of how Jesus, after the miraculous catch of fish invited the fishermen Peter, James and John to follow him, is an example of this. He promised to make them fishers of men and then invited them to leave everything and follow him. And this is what the apostles did, they left everything

Pope Francis says “Jesus never asks us to follow him without telling us what our mission is.” “ It’s not like a show to go along the path of Jesus,” he said. “ We follow him to do something and that’s our mission.”

Concluding his homily the Pope spoke of how these three things; promise, request and mission are linked to prayer. “A prayer without a word from Jesus and without faith, or a promise, is not a good prayer,” he said. “There is no prayer in which Jesus does not inspire us to do something.”