Pope Francis greets Ukrainian pilgrims

2013-11-25 Vatican Radio

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis greeted Ukrainian pilgrims on Monday who celebrating the 50th anniversary of the translation of the relics of St. Josaphat to St. Peter’s Basilica. The delegation was led by His Beatitude Sviatoslav Shevchuk , Major Archbishop of Kyiv- Halyč, leader of the Ukrainian Catholic Church. St. Josaphat was a Ukrainian monk who later became an Archbishop. He was martyred in 1623.

“May the memory of this holy Martyr speak of the communion of saints, the communion of life between all those who belong to Christ,” said Pope Francis. “It is reality that gives us a foretaste of eternal life, because an important aspect of eternal life consists in the joyful fraternity of all the saints.”

He said through this communion of the Church, every aspect of Christian life can be animated by the desire to cooperate, to learn from each other, and to together be a witness to the faith.

“This desire for communion pushes us to try to understand each other, to respect one another , and also to accept and offer fraternal correction,” said Pope Francis.

“Dear brothers and sisters , the best way to celebrate St. Josaphat is to love among each other and to love and serve the unity of the Church,” he said. “We are supported in this also by the courageous witness of so many martyrs of recent times, which constitute a great wealth and a great comfort for your Church.”