Pope Francis arrives in Mexico to a 'fiesta' atmosphere

2016-02-13 Vatican Radio

(Vatican Radio)  Pope Francis arrived in Mexico Friday evening after an historic meeting with Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill in Cuba.  This is his 12th Apostolic Journey and is the third Pope to visit the country. Vatican Radio’s Veronica Scarisbrick is with the Pope in Mexico. She sends us this report on his arrival Friday evening.

Listen to the report:

The Pope’s arrival in Mexico City was supposed to be a straightforward affair without particular protocol.  In reality it had more the feeling of a ‘fiesta’ verging on a television show.

There was a stadium crowd, mariachi, folk dancers in colourful traditional dresses and singers of all ages including children. But then as we know Mexicans love fiestas.

And perhaps Pope Francis does too. He certainly looked relaxed and happy as he always does when he’s back among his people.

On a more official note the President of Mexico, Enrique Pena Nieto was there to greet him together with his wife, the ‘primera dama’.  

And there were children who ran all together into his arms to hug him while the crowds yelled “ Quedan que el papa nos benedica’, requesting he bless them.

Eventually he did bless them and then waved in a friendly manner and on a more profane note he donned a black and gold Mexican mariachi hat for a moment.

And then he climbed into his pope mobile and covered the nineteen kilometres into town amid a tunnel of cheering crowds lighting up the night with their smart phones or torches.

Definitely a homecoming…

With Pope Francis in Mexico City, I’m Veronica Scarisbrick

(from Vatican Radio)