Pope Benedict: St Augustine, a man in music

2012-09-27 Vatican Radio

(Vatican Radio) Pope Benedict XVI yesterday evening attended a concert offered by the Augustinus Institute from the Wurzburg diocese in Germany. As the orchestra struck the last chord in the Courtyard of the Papal Summer Residence the Pope rose to congratulate all those who had made the evening such a success.

The Holy Father had just had the pleasure of listening to an Oratorio on St Augustine by composer Wilfried Hiller and his delight was plain to see.

Speaking in his native language of German, the Pope said the title of this work of Augustine, "bright mosaic" draws a portrait of this great Saint.

This mosaic Pope Benedict explained, represents the size and complexity of the man and the theologian.

The relevance of this great Father of the Latin Church, continued the Pope, is brought to the fore in this great musical work.

He said that these seven images introduce us to the Bishop of Hippo in contemporary musical language, bringing out the “struggle of man and his search for what is most intimate, and true." Listen to Lydia O'Kane's report