Pope Audience: War never again

2015-09-02 Vatican Radio

(Vatican Radio) At a time when people are experiencing trouble and conflict in many countries, Pope Francis at the end of his General Audience on Wednesday made a heartfelt appeal for peace. Recalling  the end of  Second World War in the Far East, the Holy Father prayed that the world would never again have to experience the horrors of “such tragedies”.

Quoting the words of Blessed Pope Paul VI, “War never again”, he stressed, that this is also the lasting desire of those who are victims of conflicts. The Pope made particular mention of persecuted minorities, persecuted Christians and he spoke of the madness of destruction, those involved in the manufacturing and trafficking of weapons, arms, he said bathed in the  blood of so many innocent people.

This, the Holy Father said is the anguished cry from the hearts of all men and women of good will to the Prince of Peace.



(from Vatican Radio)