Pope: appeal for peace in Gaza (full text)

2012-11-21 Vatican Radio

(Vatican Radio) Pope Benedict XVI called for a halt to violence between Israeli military forces and Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday. The call came during the course of the Holy Father’s weekly General Audience in the Paul VI Hall. Below, please find the full text of the Holy Father’s appeal.


I am following with great concern the escalation of violence between Israelis and Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. Along with my prayerful recollection of the victims and for all those who are suffering, I feel the duty to reiterate once again that hatred and violence are not the solution to problems. I also encourage the initiatives and efforts of those who are trying to obtain a ceasefire and to promote negotiations. I also urge the authorities of both Parties to take courageous decisions in favour of peace and put an end to a conflict with negative repercussions throughout the entire Middle East region, which is troubled by too many conflicts and is in need of peace and reconciliation. Listen: