Pontifical Council for Culture launches #PAUSEforPeace campaign ahead of FIFA World Cup 2014

#PAUSEforPeace initiative

The Pontifical Council for Culture has launched the "Pause for Peace" campaign ahead of the FIFA World Cup 2014 final in Brazilon Sundayevening.

Adherents are asking for a moment of silence around theSunday, July 13match to remember those stricken by wars and unrest worldwide. Some wish for a moment of silence at the match. All wish for a cessation of bloodshed in those many areas of the world undergoing dramatic conflict in these days.


Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi (@CardRavasi) promoted the initiative on July 11 on Twitter, writing "A still, small voice of silence" (1 Kings19:12) #PAUSEforPeace #WorldCup2014

Msgr Melchor Sanchez de Toca y Alameda, Undersecretary of the Pontifical Council for Culture and head of the Culture and Sport section said, "Sports were born around religious festivities. Sporting events were moments of peace, when wars ceased, as for the Olympic truce. Why not for the World Cup, why not a pause, a moment of silence, a truce for peace?"

The initiative is being promoted on social media with the hashtag #PAUSEforPeace