Patriarch urges Christians, Muslims to lead fight against extremism ‎

2015-01-21 Vatican Radio

Chaldean Patriarch Louis Raphael I Sako is calling the Christians and Muslims of the world to lead the fight against ‎fundamentalism by being the first to reject all forms of discrimination and violence.  He made the call ‎at a conference organized at the weekend in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, by the Iraqi Center for ‎Diversity Management (ICDM). The patriarch was appealing to more than 1.6 billion mostly moderate ‎Muslims of the world, inviting them to promote a joint project to "dismantle the fundamentalist ‎ideology" in all its forms, a proposal which, in order to be successful, must be supported and guided by ‎the very same followers of Islam.   Patriarch Sako spoke about the persecution of Christians and ‎minorities in Mosul and Ninevah by extremists of the Islamic State, leaving no trace of Christians there. ‎He pointed a finger at "forces" who commit violence and focus on the logic of power "covered by the ‎cloak of religion".  ‎(Source: AsiaNews) 

(from Vatican Radio)