'Pacem in Terris': fifty years on...

2013-04-11 Vatican Radio

(Vatican Radio) Thursday 11th of April 2013 marks half a century since Blessed John XXIII published his encyclical 'Pacem in Terris'.
This encyclical, which as the Latin title indicates focuses on peace on earth, called for social and international peace.
With this document which can be perceived as John XXIII's last testament, published as it was only a couple of months before his death, he broke new ground.
In fact he addressed it is not as tradition dictated to the hierarchy, clergy and Catholic faithful but – to all men of good will…
However this was not John XXIII's first document focusing on social justice. This Pope, had already written a social encyclical by the title of 'Mater et Magistra'.

Veronica Scarisbrick brings you an interview with Professor of Catholic Social Teaching at the Pontifical University of Saint Thomas here in Rome Dominican Alejandro Crosthwaite who explains the connection between that first document and 'Pacem in Terris' .