Missio Metropolis: Liverpool bound...

2012-02-22 Vatican Radio

A parish priest from the Liverpool Archdiocese, Monsignor Peter Fleetwood, who’s currently serving at Saint Joseph’s Blundellsands speaks to us of his diocese being among the eleven metropolitan diocese across Europe launching a major evangelisation drive during Lent
An initiative which is part of a continent-wide pilot scheme promoted by the Pontifical Council for Promoting New Evangelisation in preparation for the scheduled October Synod of Bishops on the new evangelisation , to be held in Rome.
Listen to Monsignor Fleetwood as he speaks to us of this Lenten project known as 'Missio Metropolis ' which represents this Council’s first big project since it was created in 2010. A project being inaugurated in this northern city in England, where he tells us, it was difficult to be a Catholic when he grew up : " in those days it wasn't easy to live alongside some of the people who didn't share our way of worshipping and were very violent in the way they expressed that to us ".
In the course of this interview Veronica Scarisbrick also asks him about the term 'new evangelisation ' which often floors people : "Well if you spoke Latin fluently every day, or if you spoke German fluently every day you'd know exactly what it means. 'Neue evangelisierung ' in German would be evangelising afresh, or evangelising again. And it's the same idea in Latin , it's not a completely new thing, it's doing the job again. But the new thing is maybe that you find new methods or new ways of communicating. So its' not a new content, the message is very important and that's why we are still Catholics . That's why we remain committed to the Church and to the Gospel and to the Person of Jesus. And those things have to be central in whatever is new. You don't lose those things but you think how can I tell more people about this or how can I tell the people who don't feel worthy to be in Church....I'm not worthy to celebrate Mass but I do it because I'm invited to and it's great privilege to me and I know it's a great strength to lots of people...the new evangelisation is the action of the Good Shepherd who's recognised that some of the sheep have wandered off and all it would take would be an invitation or a stratagem to invite them back in a convincing way. The new evangelisation is'nt telling us anything new, just saying : ' why aren't those people here? Or even I'm here but is my faith deep enough, do I need to relearn my faith, do we as a parish need to relearn things , to redo things, to reorganise things ?
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