Maduro sworn in as president

2013-04-20 Vatican Radio

(Vatican Radio) Nicolas Maduro, who narrowly won Venezuela's presidential election to succeed the late Hugo Chavez, was sworn into office yesterday.

Representatives from more than 60 nations attended the swearing-in ceremony. A representative from the United States was notably absent, the U.S. has not yet acknowledged the election result.

Maduro won over Henrique Capriles by a one-and-a-half-percentage-point margin. In an effort to peacefully staunch the controversy of such a close election, Venezuela's Electoral Council is expected to conduct a thorough audit of the voting process. Maduro has also invited Capriles to take part in talks.

During his inauguration speech at the National Assembly, a man managed to get on stage and grab the microphone from Maduro, before being dragged away by security.

In his lengthy speech, Maduro called on Venezuelans to be united and to join in building the nation.

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