Lombardi: Pope's message of hope for Mexico and Cuba

2012-03-26 Vatican Radio

“I think that the spirit and inspiration of the trip is the same: to give hope for the people.” Vatican Press Office Director Federico Lombardi spoke today about the message of Pope Benedict, as the Holy Father concludes the first leg of his Apostolic Voyage to the Americas. Later today, the Pope will depart Mexico and travel to the island nation of Cuba.

Father Lombardi says the Pope’s message to the people of Cuba is similar to his message to Mexico: “I think that the message of the Pope will be the same, that is, to encourage the people that have a long history of problems to hope that the new future is possible, and to encourage the church to be very active, to be a very active element of the building of this new future.”

The Church, he said, “can be a positive and active instrument for the building of the society, in the sense of the Christian values; that is, with solidarity, with reconciliation, with hope in the future, with solid values for the family, for education, for social engagement, for justice for all.”

“In this sense,” he concluded, “the Pope can bring a very positive message for the Church and for the land.”

Listen to the full audio of Father Federico Lombardi’s reflections on the Pope’s Apostolic Voyage to Cuba: