Lombardi editorial: A journey of hope

2012-03-17 CTV - Octava Dies. The many reasons for the Pope’s journey to Mexico and Cuba, which will begin a few days from now, have been clearly expressed: the bicentenary of the independence of the Latin American peoples; the Mexicans’ great desire to welcome the Pope to their country; the celebration of twenty years of diplomacy between Mexico and the Holy See; the 400th anniversary of the discovery of Our Lady of Cobre, patroness of Cuba; the Jubilee year, and so on.

The centre of every Papal journey is the fulfilment of the Holy Father’s duty as the pastor of the Universal Church, confirming his brothers in the faith according to the command of Christ. Nevertheless, we can perhaps identify a specific theme in this journey to the American continent. It will certainly be a journey of hope:

Hope for the people of Mexico, who, despite the immense resources and possibilities available to them, are nonetheless troubled by the very serious problems they face now and in the future: a present and a future marred by profound violence;

Hope for the people of Cuba, who feel they are on the verge of a new age, thereby fulfilling the prophetic words of John Paul II that Cuba and the world would one day enter into a climate of development, freedom and reconciliation;

Hope for all of Latin America, where a Church that is committed to the “continental mission” started by the Assembly of Aparecida has the desire to continue contributing to the development of the continent, in order that values both human and Christian can ensure the advancement of its people, despite the difficulties and dangers of our time.