India's social progress ranking below neighbours

2015-04-10 Vatican Radio

India has a low rank of 101 among the 133 countries measured for their social progress, even below some immediate neighbours such as Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka, indicating the level of meeting basic human needs and well-being, among other factors.  Conducted by Social Progress Imperative, a US-based non-profit organisation set up in 2012, the index is seen as a measure of relationship between income inequality and social progress by using the commonly deployed Gini coefficient on income inequality.

"If the world were a country, it would score 64.39 out of 100 on the Social Progress Index based on a simple average of countries and 61.00 on a population-weighted basis," the organization said in the latest report.  India's score of 53.06 is even below that.

The countries are rated on indicators of well-being such as health, water and sanitation, personal safety, access to opportunity, tolerance, inclusion, personal freedom and choice.  In the South Asian region Sri Lanka ranked 88th, Nepal 98th, Bangladesh 100th and Pakistan 122nd. ‎  Norway topped the index as the world's most socially advanced nation, followed by ‎Sweden, Switzerland, Iceland and New Zealand.‎  The United States, the world's biggest economy is at a distant 16th place failing in all health and ‎wellness indicators.‎  Central African Republic ranked the lowest among the 133 countries indexed.‎  

(from Vatican Radio)