Hungary to close border with Croatia

2015-10-02 Vatican Radio

(Vatican Radio)  Hungary's government says it is preparing to seal off its border with Croatia for migrants, as it did in September with Serbia, despite earlier pledges it would consult with the international community. Budapest also wants to know whether Austria and Germany will accept more migrants fleeing war and poverty.

Listen to Stefan Bos' report:

The chief of staff of Hungary's anti-migrant Prime Minister Viktor Orbán says Austrian officials have rejected proposals for a transit corridor through Hungary.

Under that plan migrants could travel to Austria and on to Germany. But Orbán's chief of staff, János Lázár, has now said that "a corridor through Hungary for migrants and refugees can only be set up after Hungary seals its border with Croatia".

The announcement comes despite earlier pledges by Prime Minister Orbán that he would first consult with the United Nations and other countries on completing an anti-migration fence along its border with Croatia. 

High Fence

Hungary already has a similar four-meter high fence along its 175-kilometer border with Serbia. Croatia has condemned Hungary's actions, saying it can no longer cope with the influx of refugees, who currently also battle colder temperatures and often rainy weather as winter approaches.

Croatian police have said that more than 90,000 migrants passed through the Croatia and moved on toward Western Europe in little more than two weeks since Hungary sealed its border with Serbia.

Many passed from Serbia through Croatia and into Hungary to circumvent Hungary's barbed-wire fence along its border with Serbia.

(from Vatican Radio)