General Congregations: Cardinal DiNardo's take

2013-03-06 Vatican Radio

(Vatican Radio) The Archbishop of Galveston-Houston, Cardinal Daniel DiNardo, is one of the eleven Cardinal-Electors from the United States, here to participate in the Conclave. Speaking exclusively with Vatican Radio after a press briefing at the Pontifical North American College that followed Tuesday morning’s General Congregation, Cardinal DiNardo said that he thinks one of the great challenges facing the Church in the future is that of finding a way for the Curial departments effectively to communicate with one another.

“Since being here [in Rome], it strikes me that one of the things the Curia – as I think would be true for any chancery office for a bishop – is that the various offices have to talk to one another,” he said adding, “if there is [something] that might be very helpful here, it is the issue of having the various heads of the Roman Curia meet frequently together, too, so that – as we say in the United States – everyone is on the same page.” Cardinal DiNardo also described some of the qualities the new Pope will need. “My profile would be: first of all, he has to be a convinced disciple of the Lord, Jesus Christ; he has to be someone who can indeed be Peter for the Church.”

Cardinal DiNardo went on to say, “[He must be] the source of unity, of direction and vision – after all, he will hold the keys.” Listen to Cardinal DiNardo’s extended conversation with Chris Altieri: