G20 summit: Divisions remain on Syria

2013-09-06 Vatican Radio

(Vatican Radio) World leaders are continuing their discussions on the final day of the G20 Summit in St Petersburg, Russia. Divisions still remain on what sort of action to take on Syria.
President Barack Obama told G20 leaders the United States has high confidence that Syrian forces used chemical weapons and underlined the need to uphold an international ban on the use of such weapons.
But Russia, China and the EU are still opposed to a military solution.
Meanwhile, the British member of the Caritas network, CAFOD says that although an urgent response to the Syrian conflict is vital, the G20 must not neglect long-term crises.
Speaking to Vatican Radio from St Petersburg, CAFOD’s lead economic analyst, Christina Chang says the aid agency wants to see the international community push for peace in Syria but long term economic instability and poverty must not be sidelined by the G20. “We saw yesterday when they (G20) released their development outlook for the next stage of their development agenda that they still have a lot of lessons to learn”…
She says CAFOD is concerned that they have not focused enough attention on areas such as micro and small enterprises, a sector where most poor men and women work. Listen to Lydia O’Kane’s interview with Christina Chang