Fr. Lombardi on Libya: Respect for religion essential to peace

2012-09-12 Vatican Radio

(Vatican Radio) – Holy See Press Office director, Fr. Federico Lombardi released a statement to journalists Wednesday following the killing of Washington's ambassador to Libya J. Christopher Stevens. Ambassador Stevens was killed in a mob attack at a U.S. Consulate, fuelled by anger over a film mocking Islam:

“Profound respect for the beliefs, texts, outstanding figures and symbols of the various religions is an essential precondition for the peaceful coexistence of peoples.

The serious consequences of unjustified offence and provocations against the sensibilities of Muslim believers are once again evident in these days, as we see the reactions they arouse, sometimes with tragic results, which in their turn nourish tension and hatred, unleashing unacceptable violence.

The message of dialogue and respect for all believers of different religions, which the Holy
Father is preparing to carry with him on his forthcoming trip to Lebanon, indicates the path that
everyone should follow in order to construct shared and peaceful coexistence of religions and