Fides ex auditu: a Latin recording of the New Testament for Pope Benedict XVI

2012-01-14 Vatican Radio

Faith comes by hearing: this truth is given to us by St Paul the Apostle in his Letter to the Romans: it is a truth that gives both a name to and inspiration for an extraordinary ecumenical mission that for 40 years has been producing and distributing audio recordings of the Bible, free of charge. The “Faith Comes By Hearing” ministry raises its own money to cover production and distribution costs, and has recordings of Sacred Scripture in over 600 languages. The Faith Comes By Hearing team has recently added Latin to its list of languages in which the New Testament has been recorded. I spoke with Fr. Peter Stravinskas, who was instrumental in realizing the recording - a copy of which he and the Faith Comes By Hearing team presented to the Holy Father during the weekly General Audience on January 11th. With him in studio was Faith Comes By Hearing’s Director of International Programs, Lori Koch. Together they told the story of how this integral recording of the Catholic Church’s official Latin text of the New Testament came to be a reality. Listen