EU Ambassador to the Holy See talks about EU's accomplishments

2012-12-11 Vatican Radio

(Vatican Radio), The European Union received the Nobel Peace Prize this week for promoting peace, democracy and stability in Europe following two World Wars. Ambassador Laurence Argimon-Pistre is the head of the EU delegation to the Holy See and she spoke to Vatican Radio about the Nobel Peace Prize Award and the main achievements of the EU over the past six decades.
Listen to the extended interview by Fausta Speranza with Ambassador Argimon-Pistre:
Ambassador Argimon-Pistre says given the difficulties facing today's world, the EU's "accomplishments are exceptional" and she goes on to speak about the Union's role in furthering democracy, respect for human rights, protecting freedom of belief and helping others in need.
She also points out that the EU is the world's largest donor of development aid to poor nations and says "we all should be really proud to be Europeans today."