Colombia: peace process 'sinking'

2013-02-25 Vatican Radio

(Vatican Radio) The peace process concerning Colombia is "Sinking," according to the Leader of the country's largest guerrilla army. The fifth round of peace negotiations in Cuba is underway but not well. Chief Government Negotiator and former Vice President Humberto De La Calle has warned the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia- the FARC, to stay on track, to remain focused, and NOT to keep introducing new elements outside the agreed framework. He's also telling them, this process isn't indefinite. The FARC'S Chief negotiator Ivan Marquez has offered another ceasefire, which the Government- wary of past trickery, has not accepted. Colombia's President Juan Manuel Santos has added a new element, by demanding the FARC compensates the land owners and farmers it's displaced since the conflict began in 1964.Rodrigo Londono- the Leader of the FARC is curtly responding stressing the peace process is sinking and accusing the Government of intransigence. The FARC would have to renounce violence, disarm and evolve into a political party for this to work. Listen to this report from James Blears: