Caritas Iraq says many Baghdad families fear civil war and have fled the city

2014-06-20 Vatican Radio

(Vatican Radio)  Reports from Baghdad say there is a mood of fear in the Iraqi capital after the rapid advance by the ISIS Islamic militant group and its allies.  The Sunni militants seized several key cities in northern Iraq last week and have vowed to march to Baghdad.  

Nabil Nissan is the Executive Director of Caritas Iraq and is based in the capital. He told Susy Hodges that many of Baghdad’s inhabitants have fled the city for the Kurdish enclave in the north or other areas of Iraq because “they fear a civil war.” He said Caritas Iraq is mobilizing its resources to help care for the tens of thousands of displaced people, including Christians, who were forced to flee their homes in the northern city of Mosul after it fell to the ISIS militants.

Listen to the interview with Nabil Nissan of Caritas Iraq:  

(From archive of Vatican Radio)