Caritas envisions "Future without hunger"

2012-06-01 Vatican Radio

Catholic aid agency Caritas is tackling the challenge of world hunger at the Congress entitled “Future Without Hunger” taking place June 1 – 2 in Vienna. Organised jointly by Caritas Austria, Caritas Internationalis and Caritas Europa, the Congress is taking an in-depth look at current developments in food security, global trade and hunger disasters. 33 speakers from 19 different countries will discuss strategies against global hunger. Experts from academia, the world of economics and politics, and aid organizations, will make presentations and discuss the fight against hunger with participants.

“The aim is to make more awareness of hunger in the world,” said Caritas Europa press officer Thorinnur Omarsson. “This is a global phenomenon and a global problem that needs to be tackled, and this is one of the core elements of the whole Caritas work is to fight against poverty, and of course against hunger.”

Speaking about attempt to resolve the economic crisis, he said economic growth is not enough. “But we are quite sure that, even with some economic growth, that will not instantly solve the problem of hunger. There are other matters that need to be tackled, and that is why we cannot and we may not forget about this grave problem.”

Listen to Fausta Speranza’s complete interview with Thorinnur Omarsson: