Canada: Families need to be strong

2012-02-22 Vatican Radio

Provinces in Canada on Monday celebrated “Family Day,” a day for people to take time for their loved ones and emphasise the importance of family values.

Speaking in Rome, Canada’s newest Cardinal, Archbishop Thomas Christopher Collins talked to us about the importance of the family in the modern world. “Our families are the most basic communities, and yet we see… many struggles in families. I think that very often, some of the things that Paul VI prophesied in Humanae vitae have come to pass. So there are many, many struggles that people face, but also many joyful things.”

He spoke about the need to celebrate movements within the Church that aim at strengthening the family, including Marriage Encounter and Engaged Encounter, and Retrouvaille for families that are struggling. He said the family “is the most fundamental community. It needs to be strong.”