Blood donors to attend Jubilee Audience on Saturday

2016-02-18 Vatican Radio

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis will hold his second “Jubilee Audience” in St. Peter’s Square.

During the event, the Italian Federation of Blood Donors (FIDAS) will  be holding their Jubilee Pilgrimage, with over 25,000 people affiliated with the organization expected to be in attendance.

FIDAS is using the occasion to celebrate the success of their efforts since their participation in the 2000 Jubilee with St. John Paul II.

"Since the Jubilee of 2000, the transfusion system has been profoundly changed, " said Aldo Ozino Caligaris, National President of FIDAS.

"In the past 15 years, we have increased voluntary participation in blood donation, and Italy has achieved its goal of self-sufficiency,” Caligaris said. “We have also reached our stringent targets in regards to blood quality and safety.”

He also said people should consider the self-giving of blood donation during the Jubilee Year.

“Those who give blood voluntarily, anonymously and freely also want to participate in the Jubilee of Mercy, to be present during the celebration of an event important not only in the Christian world, but for all people who work in the name of solidarity,” Caligaris said.

(from Vatican Radio)