Bishop Dabre urges Indian state to maintain peace

2012-08-21 Vatican Radio

Bishop Thomas Dabre, of Pune, India, on Sunday said the state government must take steps to stop any attacks on people from the northeast and ensure peace and harmony in the city. He also condemned the attacks that have taken place over the last fortnight in the city.

After the Sunday Mass, Bishop Dabre and Father Malcolm Sequeira, the vicar general of the Diocese, addressed as many as 500 people from the northeast living in the city.

Bishop Dabre said, “Pune has a tradition of equality, peace and harmony. However, the unfortunate incidents that have taken place in the last fortnight are disturbing the fabric of the city. It is shameful that such things are happening in Pune.”

He further said, “It is extremely sad that people from the northeast living in Pune, Mumbai and Karnataka are leaving for their hometowns. But we assure that the Diocese of Poona will support the people from the northeast and will do whatever is needed for the safety of our brothers and sisters.”

The Diocese of Poona has sent a circular to every school and college of the Diocese to pray for the people of the northeast during their daily assembly. Bishop Dabre said, “We hope that the government steps in and takes action so that the people from the northeast can live safely in the city and that none of them leave for their homes, thus continuing with their education or profession.”

Father Sequeira said, “We are here to show solidarity with the people from the northeast in view of the present situation. A total of nine services have been offered at the church so that the situation is under control and no harm is caused to people from the northeast. We assure our support and help to all those who are in trouble.”
Father Sequeira also shared the numbers of the Diocese of Poona and other members with the people present. After the address, Bishop Dabre blessed every person from the northeast present in the church and interacted with them.