Bethlehem University: a charged conversation

2013-01-30 Vatican Radio

(Vatican Radio) The only Catholic University in the West Bank is in Bethlehem. Veronica Scarisbrick recently visited the students there together with a delegation of Bishops from Europe and North America, known as 'Holy Land Co'ordination' . The bishops were on their 13th annual pilgrimage to the region.

For the record this university was founded in the aftermath of Pope Paul VI’s visit to the Holy Land in 1964, is supported by the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem ,is run by the De la Salle Brothers and is open to all faiths.

And as Veronica Scarisbrick discovered, Christian students there are a minority. Listen to her conversation with three students, one of whom is Muslim as they highlight the bonds of friendship and understanding that develop amongst themselves and their desire to live in the Holy Land despite their struggles...