ASIA/SYRIA - The "Water project" for Aleppo to provide water to the martyred Syrian city has concluded

Damascus - Aleppo has again been without water since 31 July. A heat wave is expected for this week that will bring the temperature up to 45 degrees", said a statement sent to Agenzia Fides by the NGO "Let us help Syria", which along with the Marist Brothers and the Diocesan Missionary Centre of Rome have launched a project for the distribution of water in the martyred Syrian city.
The extraordinary project "Water for Aleppo!" concluded two weeks after the launch, the statement said and "the collection of funds exceeded the budget initially planned for its realization, allowing its expansion.
The purpose of the initiative was to allow Aleppo to cope with the terrible crisis caused by the interruption of the water supply that periodically prostrates residents of the second city of Syria.
More than €11,000 were collected and the Marist Brothers in Aleppo and the Catholic-Armenian Church in this city were involved in this project.
In particular, the Marist Brothers were able to buy a van on which they mounted a tank and a pump to distribute water to the homes of those who cannot obtain it; plus they received funding for fuel.
The Armenian Church is instead equipped with a van with the equipment necessary for water distribution ; 1,500 liters of diesel to run the well present in the parish of SS. Trinity; 30 tanks to be placed in the homes of the poorest families or in difficulty.
The activities of Let us help Syria! - ONLUS continue to carry out the projects that are currently open: food aid to the people of Homs, aid to the Franciscan parish of Aleppo for the maintenance of a study hall for students, support for a center for disabled children in Homs. Other projects are being developed.