ASIA/JORDAN - Social media: instrument of dialogue or religious hatred?

Amman - In the tragic events that plague the people of the Middle East, an undeniable and growing role is also played by communication through social media.
The instruments of wired net connection, denying their original vocation, have become one of the main vehicles of the campaigns that incite religious hatred and foment sectarian strife.
In order to address this emergency and rediscover social media as a space for dialogue and understanding among different identities, the Kaiciid has organized the first training program for operators in this sector in Amman, entitled "United against violence in the name of religion".
The research course - which lasted five days and ends today, September 15 - was intended to disseminate powerful antidotes on the web to counteract the strategies of digital sowers of religious hatred, recognizing the cultural and religious plurality of the Middle East as a factor of mutual enrichment. The training seminars, organized by professors, intellectuals and media representatives, was attended by about 120 young students.
The Kaiciid Center was officially opened on November 26, 2012 and is based in Vienna, Austria. Founded by Saudi Arabia, Spain and Austria, with the Holy See as an observer organization founder, includes Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Jews and Muslim representatives.