ASIA/IRAQ - Solidarity towards Christians: the governor of Kirkuk proclaims December 25 a public Holiday

Kirkuk - The governor of the province of Kirkuk, Kurdish Necmettin Karim, proclaimed December 25 a public holiday, to express the solidarity of institutions and the whole society towards Christians, on the Feast of the Nativity of the Lord. On that day all public institutions of the province, including schools - reads the statement released by the office of the governor and sent to Agenzia Fides - will observe a day of rest. The decision was announced yesterday, on Sunday, December 14, during the visit to Governor Necmettin by Chaldean Patriarch Raphael I Louis, who was accompanied by a delegation that included Mgr. Yousif Thoma Mirkis OP, Chaldean Archbishop of Kirkuk.
During their conversation, the Patriarch and the governor had an exchange of ideas and considerations on the troubled political phase experienced by the country, focusing on the problems of security and especially on the emergency of refugees, provoked by the conquest of Mosul and Nineveh Plain on behalf of the jihadists of the Islamic State . During the meeting, Governor Necmettin praised the efforts made by Patriarch Louis Raphael I and the Chaldean Church in an effort to preserve and strengthen the co-existence between different ethnic and religious components in the Country.