ASIA/HOLY LAND - The Latin Patriarchate: Israel and Palestine have to restart the negotiations

Jerusalem - The new wave of violence that is rampant in Jerusalem and the Holy Land urgently requires "Israelis and Palestinians to act with courage and return to the negotiating table", which must be carried out on "solid and equitable basis" represented by resolutions - so far unfulfilled - approved by the UN on the Israeli-Arab conflict. This is the path indicated by the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem to stop the spiral of death that again has bloodied the Holy City and the Palestinian territories.
In a statement released by the media of the Patriarchate, it is recognized that the explosion of violence in recent days raises fears of a dangerous escalation in the whole area. "Once again", says the statement sent to Agenzia Fides - "the flames of despair, fueled by hate, represent a serious threat in this Holy Land".
The epicenter of the new escalation of violence is the Old City and East Jerusalem, but in recent days has expanded also to the territories and cities of the West Bank, starting from Bethlehem, with clashes among groups of young Palestinians and Israeli army. Analysts fear that the escalating violence will turn into a new generalized revolt, fueled by new tensions between Palestinians and Israeli security forces concentrated around Temple Mount.